Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Blindfold Challenge

Today we play a blindfold challenge. We had to put the blindfold over our eyes and go to touch the wall. My buddy was Lopiseni and he told me to turn left and turn right and go on my knees. I feel scared because I might hurt myself. My blindfold was tight and I couldn’t see. Lopi told me to put my feet up and step over. I go and touch the wall and I come back and Lopi told me we did it! I put the blindfold on Lopi and I tell Lopi to go straight and step over  the chair and I tell him to turn left and right. I tell him to turn left and he did it and we came first. I felt scared because I don’t see anything.
I want to do it again because its good for me and Lopi feels good but I feel scared.

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